Catering Service

We here at Henry’s Hip eats food truck trailer, make delicious mobile fusion Vietnamese food. We can cater to all types of catering services that are customized to your needs. From small parties of 30 people to weddings of 200+ people to big festivals of 1000+ people. We can provide party trays for pickup or drop off, hot lunch service at your office, set meals for offices/events/ film sets, park at your event or festival with unique Vietnamese foods option or even cater to your wedding party.

Our staffs are friendly and professional and very well trained with food safe. The meals that we serve are always hot and tasty to your satisfaction. Not just that, we are also fast and we can make well over 150+ delicious hot meals per hour for high volume events.

And we offer custom set meals with meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options for most dietary restrictions. Contact us for your catering needs!